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A Cozy, Paranormal Mystery with bite!

What the Good Reads Reviewers are saying:

“A witchy murder mystery with characters to adore. This book is an easy read. The plot is suspenseful with a possibility for sequels. Not too scary or violent. Full of magical practice. A unique, positive and light, main character. A cozy read and great debut for this author.”                                                       ~Charity

“This book kept me hooked from the first chapter. There are many characters that will have you wondering if they are part of it. I would highly recommend this book.”                                                                                                        ~Cheryl

“If you have any interest in magick (yes, with a ck) and witchy stuff, this book is definitely for you.”                                                                                     ~StarringSkie


At the age of eight, Arista Kelly was frantically swept up by her parents and whisked off to an isolated town in the California redwoods. Two days later, her parents were gone.

Now at the age of twenty-three, she has settled quite nicely into an eclectic lifestyle, much like her great aunt, and guardian since childhood, Bethie. She enjoys the use of herbs and crystals to help her commune with the energy and nature around her, finds pleasure in the company of her beloved pet, Royal, and is finally making moves to attract a long-time friend.

Quite satisfied with her mundane life high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, life becomes unsettling when a new recurring vision of an ominous tattoo as well as increased activity from the ghostly presence within her own cottage invade her once-harmonious existence. Arista’s mountain sanctuary takes an even darker turn when the body of her former classmate is found in the nearby river.  As other young women fall prey to a suspected serial killer, she realizes the terror is coming to her.


An easy read for the New Adult and Adult fan!

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Will An Exasperated Father And His Rambunctious Young Son Ever Agree?

Children's Picture Book

Getting outdoors with those we love is priceless!




As a Mom, we all wish for more time and energy. While time may be more elusive, energy is not. Energy is not only attainable, it is an absolute necessity if you want to experience, if not master, the ultimate thrills of being a Mom. In Mom Looks Great, Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, Sherri Dodd, provides a fitness program that will produce satisfying results for the body and mind. Written with a subtle sense of humor and created with personal knowledge of the obstacles Moms must overcome in order to achieve their fitness goals, your path to health and fitness is clearly drawn. After all, your health makes a difference in the quality of time you spend with your child, not only today, but for the many years of exhilarating joy and stifling chaos still to come.


Non-fiction – Fitness after Pregnancy


Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2006

J. Olivarria

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2007

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