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Sherri L. Dodd

Hey there~

In case you have not crossed my Homepage yet:

I’m Sher, Sherri or you can refer to me as the Solis Redhead. Mind the spelling. Not like the old days of soulless redheads, born of cats and nasty in nature. That is simply not me at all!

I’m an author, a fitness freak, and a lover of life. A happy wife and mother and a pet-owner extraordinaire. Based on the magick realism of my fiction, you can bet there is a cat involved!

There is no group that I can thoroughly call my own, but I blend pretty well in most settings. After reading my ‘Random 19’, you may get an idea of how my writings have come to be!


And Now – 19 Random Facts About Me.

1 – Other than my husband, I have had the same best friend since 8th grade. Oh yeah, we have gotten into some humdinger fights over the years . . . not talked for awhile . . . but still going strong today! At this point, I am talking about both of them.

2 – We have a 5-gallon, 15-gallon and 55-gallon fish tank as well as two indoor cats, two dogs, a turtle, three chickens that include an early-rising rooster, a restless barn cat and a herd of Arabian horses.

3 – I woke up to a large red, scorpion on my bedroom floor when I was eight, thanks to Tony, my first feline. Fall 2023, I woke up to a baby corn snake, thanks to Royal! But I still walk around with no shoes on in the dark.

4 – Some of the paranormal parts of MURDER UNDER REDWOOD MOON are based on my actual experiences.

5 – In my late teens, I climbed almost halfway up the train trestle in Capitola, CA in skin-tight jeans and 1 ½-inch pink pumps.

6 – I was driving to work at Cisco Systems, Inc. when the second plane hit the Twin Towers, and heard everything unfold in real time. My first thought was that the second plane rubbernecked the first accident! Anyone else think that??

7 – I have a collection of over ninety Barbies. This includes two OOAK created by my highly ARTistic son when he was in high school, and the set of the Gold label Haunted Beauty line – Zombie Bride, Ghost, Vampire and Queen of the Dark Forest. Someday my grandkids will refer to it as “G-ma’s creepy doll collection”!

8 – I teach Yoga, Kickboxing and Dance Aerobics. I am talking – Soca, K-POP, Bhangra and Urban Dance . . . crazy, right?!

9 – I am six months from my black belt in Taekwondo, and it is possible it will stay that way forever. I also won Silver at the Santa Cruz Open in 2011, though not many participated – ha!

10 – In high school, I never understood why most football players were such d*cks, until my youngest son played from 6th grade through Senior Year. It turns out they are exhausted and cranky from brutal workouts plus practice, hard whacks from the competition, the jaded indifference of their coaches and a lack of sleep to accommodate school projects.

11 – Texas is my birth state. Then, I moved to Cali when I was nine. When I arrived in California, I had the thickest southern drawl that you could imagine which made me a laughing stock amongst my peers.

12 – I am a huge GOT fan, and LOTR is a close second. Thereafter, I’d say arthouse witch movies, most of Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie’s flicks, 80’s The Lost Boys, Burn After Reading, This is 40, and, hmmm  . . .  maybe Monsters, Inc.

13 – I first experienced the effects of Dystonia at age eleven. After decades of thinking I carried my stress in one shoulder, I was formally diagnosed by my neurologist … the situation remains, but now I know – ha!

14 – Speaking of learning – I have studied many religions, from Catholicism to Buddhism to Celtic Paganism, and I am always refreshed by the shattering of fear with newfound knowledge.

15 – I Love Stand-Up Comedy! Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dave Chappelle, Ron White and Chris Rock are the ones that come to mind. Laughing is Superbly Good for Mental Health!

16 – One of my favorite adages is – Do not judge your inside by someone else’s outside. Never has this been more needed to be heeded than in this age of social media trickery.

17 – I am an anxious person half the time. The other half is exacerbated by caffeine in the form of Sambazon, Cafe Mocha or a delicious green tea infused with blueberries, ginger or tropical flavors.

18 – Pro-law enforcement. Without law, cities go to pot. Yes, there are bad cops just like every group has its bad eggs. But the truth is, the majority of them go into the force in order to help their community.

19 – While I love writing and fitness, my favorite job will always and forever be that of a mother. And my kids, who are now young men, will always come first, even though I am mentioning them last! Husband nudged me…him too! 😉


Wow – that was fun!  Now, about those books: