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Sherri L. Dodd

Hey there~

I’m Sher, Sherri or you can refer to me as the Solis Redhead. Mind the spelling. Not like the old days of soulless redheads, born of cats and nasty in nature. That is simply not me at all!

I’m an author, a fitness freak, and a lover of life. A happy wife and mother and a pet-owner extraordinaire. Based on the magick realism of my fiction, you can bet there is a cat involved!



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There is no group that I can completely call my own, though I blend pretty well in most settings. This is why I love writing so much! I create my own friends, circles and environments. As you can see by my books, I am all over the board with interests. It’s just the way my mind operates! But, I have to tell you, Murder Under Redwood Moon was surely the most fun to write.

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Neck-deep in writing my Sequel, Murder Atop Sedona Sands, so Blogging is on Hold

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I’d love to hear from you, whether you have a question, a comment, or just something on your mind.

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